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Video tape 

transfer service

London Camera Hire

Video library tape transfer and encoding service.  ALL professional formats digitised and encoded

Special offer - 50% discount throughout JANUARY 2020 

Old Sony 1" & 2" Video tapes transfer service

1inch video tape transfer service
We can transfer your entire library to any file format

If you have a library of old video tape such as 1", 2" D3 tapes we can encode them to any file format.  Digitising all of your video tapes will not only preserve them, but save you so much space and in turn money on rent. We have all old and vintage tape machines that allow us to transcode any tape format to any file format. 

We also have online online storage facilities too - so we can store your files online on our servers allowing for quick and easy retrieval.  Plus the safety of storing your files of-site.  

Example rate;

30 min 1 inch tape > ProRes file - £45 (discounted rate)

60 min 1inch tape > ProRes file - £75 (discounted rate)

90 min 1 inch tape > ProRes file - £110 (discounted rate)

Further discount for more than 20+ tapes

Is your library like this?! 

If you have an old cupboard, shelves, storeroom or library with old videotapes and film reels collecting dust - maybe now is the time to consider getting these digitised into a digital file format of your choice. Not only are they slowly deteriorating, but the space they are taking up could be costing hundreds and maybe thousands per month in rent. 


Betacam, Digital Betacam, D1, D2, D3, Betacam SX, HD cam - all archived to file format

Transfer video tapes to file format. Video tape transfer service. Encode all video tape formats to a
We can copy all your old video tapes to any file format. 

We can transfer just one tape or your entire library of old format video tapes. Our tape archiving service is fast and very cost effective. We can encode your video tapes and then upload them to the cloud or to hard drives. 

16mm, 35mm, 8mm film transfers 

16mm Film transfer 1.png
We can scan all film formats to any file format. Cleaning and restoration too

If your library consists of film rolls of any gauge - we can transfer this to file.  Our telecine machines can scan up to 4k. Restoration and repair services are available too.  Please contact us to discuss your library archive needs. 

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