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London Camera Hire

See our Top Ten camera hires and rentals for London 

London's favourite Camera rentals this month!

We've all got our Camera hire favourites. Whether your  hire is a small camcorder or a professional camera to hire, below you will see the top 10 most rented cameras this month. If its a wedding camera to rent, a small camcorder for a conference, a larger DSLR for an interview or a pro camera such as the Sony FS7 then we can help you hire the camera, lights and sound equipment.  Contact us to see how we maybe able to help your production.

1. Sony FS7 - best 4k pro camera hire in London 

Sony FS 7 rental London
The Sony FS7 camera has been one of the most popular camera rental this month. A great camera for shoulder use and on tripod.  With the ability to film in 4k and also continuous slow-mo @ 120fps makes this camera perfect for many shoots.  With the Metabones adapter, one can use Canon lenses and the PL mount for Arri lenses allow the user to really choose the best lens for the job. These cameras are real work horses and the hire market have been inundated with rental requests for the Sony FS7 cameras.    

2. Sony A7s - best DSLR camera rental in London 

Sony A7s rental in London
This full frame DSLR camera is one of the best small cameras for filming in very low light. The large format sensor gives you a full frame picture with the ability to shoot 4k and slow motion. Use the metabones adapter to use Canon lenses or use native Sony lenses.  Hire this camera with the full kit and start shooting some incredible video. 

3. Canon C300 - best corporate camera hire in London 

Hire C300 video camera hire
The Canon C300 is another great camera from Canon. Both the C100 and C300 are very versatile and now the C200 make Canon still one of the market leaders for a great video camera.  Renting a Canon you get great pictures, reliability and perfect sound every time.

4. Canon XF305 - best camera hire in London 

Canon XF300 camera video hire
The Canon XF series are true work horses and perfect for so many shoots.  BBC approved and shooting at 50mbs - these cameras once again deliver perfect pictures, sound and ease-of-use.  Perfect for conferences, concerts, seminars, Charity events, Exhibitions and Awards - good in low light and choose a model to suite your needs. The XF305 is exactly the same as the XF300 - but with two additional features - genlock and SDi out.  

5.Canon 5D mk3 - best DSLR camera hire in London 

Canon 5D camera London hire
Probably to most popular DLSR camera we hire.  Delivering superb video and good sound the Canon 5D to hire is a great camera to film interviews and corporate videos.  Recording sound direct to the camera via the mic input is surprisingly good for a tiny camera! Radio mics or top mics can be plugged direct into the camera and monitoring can be done by listening by the headphone socket.  A real cinematic look with some great Canon lenses delivering superb footage.   

6. Blackmagic Mini URSA - best camera rental in London 

BlackMagic Mini Ursa camera hire
When you rent a Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K Camcorder you'll get a great small broadcast camera. It has EF Mount for Canon lenses. The URSA Mini Pro also features built in ND filters, a status display and a revolutionary new interchangeable lens mount that lets you change between EF photographic lenses or PL lenses. URSA Mini Pro records up to 60fps and features dual C-Fast 2.0 recorders as well as dual UHS-II SD Card recorders. The URSA Mini Pro is lightweight and comfortable enough to use all day, its extremely fast to use, and the image quality is superior.

7. Sony MC50 - best corporate camcorder hire in London 

Sony MC50 camcorder hire
The Sony MC50 video camcorder is a fantastic small handheld camcorder for hire.  A small and compact video camera, with a great top mic, records in full HD to internal hard drive or an SD card - this camera is very easy to use and can be switched to auto mode and left alone.  Should you wish to overdrive to manual, then there's a full set of menus to alter to your liking. Perfect in low light and produces excellent pictures for such a small camera. Perfect for conferences, small gigs, weddings, small interviews, and corporate events.  

8. Canon XA10 - best camcorder rental in London 

Rent Canon XA10 camera London
The Canon XA10 video camcorder is a small and powerful camera to rent. Armed with an internal hard drive and 2 x SD card slots this camera allows a few options of storage.  Touch screen menus as well as the ability to focus on the touch screen. One main advantage of this camera is the audio - it has 2 x XLR inputs allowing you to add a top gun mic or a direct feed from an audio desk for a Line in.  Great colour, brilliant sound options and very easy to use. Rental of this camera is very popular. 

9. GoPro Black 5 - best action camera hire in London 

Rent GoPro camera
These GoPro are brilliant for all types of productions. The new GoPro 5 delivers some excellent video at 4k and slow-motion in full HD.  Rental of these cameras are often in high numbers and perfect for in-car filming, on bikes, on stage for real unobtrusive shots and places where normal cameras could not fit.  Hire a Gopro for your next production where space is tight or the action is hard!

10. Old vintage VHS camera - best camera rental in London 

Sony FS5 London hie
Believe it or not - but the old retro, vintage style camera is still being hired!  Some want just them as  props for pop promos, feature films, dramas etc. and other production companies want them to film actual pieces for program inserts.  Vintage old cine cameras, retro old VHS cameras are available to rent from us. 
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