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4k Self Shooting Video camera to hire

4k camcorder

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4k camcorder

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Hire Broadcast Self Shooting Camera Kits

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Hire LED lights, Mics, Backdrops and camcers for self shooters

Lighting, Sound, backdrop hire

Due to the current situation, we are hiring out many self shooting camera packages. 

We have already supplied a number of production companies, the BBC, C4 with self shooting camera packages. We can tailor your package to suit your needs. If you need good quality but easy to use camera kit with sound and lighting we have many kits to help all the way up to broadcast spec cameras. 


Our hire services include;

  • Supply camera only kits - simple to use cameras

  • Lighting, sound and green screens

  • Delivery and collection services

  • Delivery and installation of the equipment (following the current social distancing rules)

Contact us today as we are very much still hiring camera kits, all types of sound, lighting and live streaming kit.


Possible kits to hire

Below are cameras that are easy to use and record good quality video and audio.  The main difference is if you want to shoot in HD or 4k.  

HD 1080p will recrord from 35mbs-50mbs   |   4k will record 150mbs

Audio can be plugged into each of these cameras via XLR or Mini Jack 

1. Canon 4k - best small 4K camcorder - £80 per day

  • Records in full 4k 
  • XLR audio input for Radio mic and top mic
  • Can be used in Full Auto mode for focus, iris, white balance 
  • Good battery life
  • Compact 
  • 1 x128gb SD card
  • Comes with medium size tripod

2. Canon HD - best HD 1080p camcorder - £65 per day

Rent Canon XA10 camera London
  • Records in full HD 35mbs 
  • XLR audio input for Radio mic and top mic
  • Can be used in Full Auto mode for focus, iris, white balance 
  • Good battery life
  • Compact 
  • 1 x128gb SD card
  • Comes with medium size tripod

3. Sony MC50 - smallest HD camcorder - £50 per day

Sony MC50 camcorder hire
  • Records in full HD 35mbs
  • Top mic and audio jack in for Radio mic
  • Can be used in Full Auto mode for focus, iris, white balance 
  • Good battery life
  • Compact 
  • 1 x128gb SD card
  • Comes with medium size tripod

4. Panasonic VX 870 - small 4K camera - £45 per day

Hire-Panasonic 4K VX870.jpg
  • Records in full 4k / 50mbs
  • Mini jack audio input for Radio mic or top mic
  • Can be used in Full Auto mode mode
  • Good battery life
  • Small camcroder 
  • 1 x128gb SD card
  • Comes with medium size tripod

Audio - Radio mics - small lapel mics - from £25 per day

Radio Mic Hire.jpg
  • Receiver unit will be mounted on the camera - ready to go and linked with the mic unit
  • Microphone - is a small lapel mic - most of your clients will know how to attach them
  • XLR leads or Mini Jack inputs so can work with all these cameras

Lights - LED lights - from £35 per day

  • Small travel set of LED lights can be added
  • Simple to put up 
  • Can be powered with battery or mains

Video Tutorials - Simple online help videos

  • Examples of videos we filmed for another in-house self shooting - but these are more complex set-up
  • We can do simple online videos with the kit you hire  - No charge!

Data wrangling - and back ups

Transfer SD cards to DVD service.jpg
  • We can help with data back up and uploading at certain times throughout your filming. 

Delivery - We can personally deliver the kit

  • We personally deliver all the in-house shooting kits wherever possible. This way, we can at least meet the people on their driveway and give a very helpful guide to what is being delivered and some very helpful advice. 50p per mile is charged for travel

  • Plus we drive hybrid cars too!

Our Work - camera op to travel with kit etc starts at £300 per day

Some recent filming projects

  • My name is Jason. I am a DOP and have been now for nearly 20 years - I lead the shoots on all productions we do. We have a large hire company that can hire everything from a simple top light, to a fully manned 10 x man crew. We film everything from concerts, corporates, commercials, sporting events, interviews etc. It is my company and we have some really good talented people working with us, from editors, directors and producers. Below is just a few snapshots from some of our recent work

Some very recent 'Stay at Home' shoots.  All kit and 'training' was supplied by us!

Charlie Brooker, Diane Morgan and Al Campbell


BBC 3 - Stay at Home Family Quiz Show


Youtube Makeup Influencers Show

Other clients we've had the privilege to film


Instagram  - Here's our account for more clients :-)

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Edit at home 5.jpg
Edit at home 7.jpg
Edit at home 4.jpg
Edit at home 1.jpg
Edit at home  3.jpg