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London Camera Hire

Hire background and backdrop frames only. We rent large frames and can deliver throughout London and UK

Backdrop frame only hire
Chromakey background rail hire in London

Support for 3m Curtain & Roll Up Backgrounds

  • Supports heavier vinyl backgrounds

  • Supports curtains and roll up backgrounds

  • Can support backgrounds up to 3m wide

adjustable up to 3m wide
adjustable up to 2.5m high

Background frame/stand only to hire

Hire background rails
Hire background rails only

Hire a background frame only. This package is easy to assemble consisting of just two tripod style stands and one main adjustable top pole. It can expand to 3m in width.


Comes in a neat 1m case easy to travel and store. This background frame can be assembled in just a few minutes.  Easily hang your own cloth or rolled paper from the top pole. The strong main pole can be adjust to 3 different width to accommodate different sizes of rolls or available space.


Hire this background frame only or choose one of the packages below completed with backgrounds and lights.

Backdrop chroma key rails to hire
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