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London Camera Hire

Hire a camera package for your focus group or market research

DV Camera hire has been filming conferences and corporate events for many years. Our team of camera operators, sound operators and directors can film your conference with ease. Simply choose to hire a single camera or a complete multi-camera unit to film your conference.


If your company requires a corporate event, then we can supply the equipment or a complete crew. Contact us to talk to us about your requirements.


Service 1
Video camera only for you to film your own conference or corporate event

Video camera hire only - we can supply you with one or multiple video cameras and separate microphones. All our cameras supplied are easy to use, record straight to hard drive and can record up to 7 hours without the need to change any storage.


Service 2
Video camera and operator - we supply the cameras and operate the cameras

You can book our services and we will arrive at your location with cameras, monitors and sound ready to video your conference or corporate event. We will film the entire session and hand you the rushes at the end of the event.  


Service 3
Video cameras, operator and editing service - supply, film and edit

If you need an entire package of equipment, filming and editing we can offer this complete service. We will come along to your venue, film the days events and then edit them under your instructions. All videos can then be uploaded to a viewing channel online for client approvals, or we can supply them on digital tape, hard drive or DVD.

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