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London Camera Hire

Hire Polecam, mini jib hire, Autocue and portable crane hire

Polecam hire, Jib hire, Crane hire & Autocue / teleprompter hire

At DV Camera hire we hire some great bits of kit to help you with your shoot. Why not hire a teleprompter / autocue to help your presenter get it word perfect every time! These have become invaluable on many shoots and very easy to set up and use.  No need for an operator - simply transfer the text file over to the iPad and its ready to go - let your presenter control the speed from a handy small remote control.  Need to get a good crane shot or a high value production shot?


Hire one of our cranes or jibs and get that shot. Easy to setup and available to hire. The small cranes can give a great shot and give the effect of a much bigger crane than is actually used. The small portable ones are fantastic for quick and easy setups and deliver that golden shot for any production. Hire our mini jibs with or without an operator - easy and quick to set up these jibs can be moved very quickly from position to position without too much time or hassle involved. Hire the amazing Polecam with an operator and get those high value shots. 


Contact us today for further information about our autocues & teleprompters, cranes, jib and Polecams available to hire.  

Autocue / Teleprompter to hire - DATAVIDEO TP300

Rent the full teleprompt kit with or without iPad

Autocue with iPad is a great way to help interviews or presenters get it word perfect every time. No dedicated operator is needed for this simple device.


Very quick and easy to setup and can come with an iPad fully loaded or just the unit, ready to go. It also has a handheld remote control for speed control which can be operated by the presenter.


This is not a cheap eBay teleprompter! This is a Datavideo professional prompter used by many production and TV companies.


Can be hired with or without an iPad and a wired controller.   

With iPad - 1 Day Hire • £75 | Weekend • £105 | 5 Day Hire • £175 plus 20% VAT

Without iPad - 1 Day Hire • £55 | Weekend • £85 | 5 Day Hire • £145 plus 20% VAT

Crane with remote head to hire

Rent a 4m crane with full 360 remote head

Hire a 4m crane complete with a 360 remote head.  Easy to set-up and operational within 20mins, you can set this crane to 3 lengths - 2m, 3m, & 4m.


With remote camera operation and HDMI monitor this crane is perfect concerts, conferences, corporates and weddings.  This crane comes with operators or can be set-up by us and then left for one of your camera operators to use. Contact us for prices

1 Day Hire • £145 | Weekend • £175 plus 20% VAT

Mini jib to hire

Rent the a small mini-jib with or without an operator

These small jibs are very portable. Simply attach these to a large tripod based (supplied) and quickly attach the camera and weights - counter balance the arm and you’re ready to get those sweeping shots. Your camera can be mounted on top of the head for high shots and also be mounted under the bowl for low angle shots. 


Hire this job with or without an operator from DV Camera hire

1 Day Hire • £55 | Weekend • £95 plus 20% VAT

Portable jib to hire

Mini jib hire camera crane
Rent this amazingly small and compact mini crane

This portable mini jib is lightweight and can be set up within 3 minutes. For something so portable and light you can get some amazing shots form this small jib.  Adds weights or sandbags.  Packs in a rucksack and weights just 1.7KG!  It extends to 1.3m and allows you to get some great crane shots. 


Comes with a fluid head tripod. Either use the weights supplied or hand a sandbag or similar for counter balance.

1 Day Hire • £45 | Weekend • £80 plus 20% VAT

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