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Hire a camera package for your focus group or market research

At DV Camera hire we have all the facilities to film and record your market research or focus group. If you do not have the video facilities and need a live feed to another room for viewing purposes, we can provide this service.


With the ability to feed video and audio wirelessly we can stream video to your clients viewing room. If one camera is require or multiple cameras, we can help you with your market research or focus group recordings.

Service 1
Video camera hire only for you to film your own market research or focus group

Video camera hire only - we can supply you with one or multiple video cameras and separate microphones. All our cameras supplied are easy to use, record straight to hard drive and can record up to 7 hours without the need to change any storage. No lights are required as the cameras operate very well in low light conditions.


Service 2
Video camera and operator - we supply the cameras and operate the cameras

You can book our services and we will arrive at your location with cameras, monitors and sound ready to video your focus group. We will film the entire session as well as sending a live feed to a viewing room on a large plasma TV.


Service 3
Video cameras, operator and editing service - supply, film and edit your focus group

If you need an entire package of equipment, filming and editing we can offer this complete service. We will come along to your venue, film the days events and then edit them under your instructions. All videos can then be uploaded to a viewing channel online for client approvals, or we can supply them on digital tape, hard drive or DVD.

If you require more than one camera and the ability of multiple viewing screens, we can supply this too. If you need private viewing facilities with headphones for individual clients we can set this up.


Let the moderator do their job, the clients watch the groups and let us do the filming!  

Extras to hire

If you need technical help on the day or a camera operator hire, please speak to us about us helping you out on your shoot. 

We have staff of all technical levels that can assist on your days shoot from just setting up the cameras through to filming the entire day.


London Camera Hire

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