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With stunning image quality and powerful features, HERO4 cameras take Emmy® Award-winning GoPro performance to a whole new level. Choose from HERO4 Black, with incredible high-resolution 4K and 2.7K 50 video and high frame rate 1080p120 video, or HERO4 Silver, which pairs pro-quality video and photo capture with the convenience of a built-in touch display.

GoPro Hero 4 hire

The HERO4 Black Edition has a 12 mp CMOS and a f/2.8 fixed maximum aperture and focus free. It adds Bluetooth connectivity, Highlight tag, Protune Available for photo and a new processor claimed by GoPro to be twice as fast as that of the HERO3+ Black Edition, doubling the frame rates in most resolutions. The HERO4 Black Edition can record 4K UHD video (3840×2160) at a frame rate of 24, 25 and 30 fps. In Superview mode, 4k is only possible at 25 fps. Many other rates and resolutions are available. The HERO4 Black Edition still shoots stills at a maximum of 12MP with a maximum burst rate of 30 fps. With Wi-Fi disabled at 4k/30, GoPro claims the HERO4 Black Edition battery life to be 65 minutes, increasing to a maximum of 1h 50' at 720p/240.  The HERO4 Black battery is in a different form factor than its predecessors. Initial side-by-side comparisons of HERO3+ and HERO4 Black edition video results suggest that the newer model has more detail at long range and similar performance at close range.

GoPro Hero 5 hire

HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session were introduced in September 2016. In contrast to previous models, they are waterproof up to 10 m, support 4k video recording up to 30 fps, automatic upload of footage to cloud and voice controls.

The Hero 5 Black can take 12-megapixel stills, . It can also capture wide-angle photos and videos, with the Hero 5 Black able to shoot in RAW. Other features include a simple one-button control system, electronic stabilisation during video capture, and a new linear view setting.


The Hero 5 Black has a two-inch touchscreen on the back for navigation purposes.

Voice control

There’s built-in voice control with support for seven languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese) at launch and more to follow. With this feature, these cameras should be able to react to your voice commands (such as "GoPro take photo").


Features a built-in waterproof casing. It can withstand water pressure up to 10 meters without the need for a separate housing. 


Another thing that makes the Hero 5 Black stand out is GPS for automatic location tracking. It can also record stereo audio, and it has active noise cancellation built in, thanks to three on-board microphones, for “audio that’s as good as the video quality.”

Hire GoPro camera
Hire GoPro camera
Hire GoPro 5 camera
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