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London Camera Hire

Hire Sankyo Super 8mm camera - spec

  • Sankyo ES-44 XL

  • Year: 1976-79

  • Frame rates - 1/9/18/36 fps

  • Weight: 1100 g

  • Lens: Sankyo Zoom 1,2 / 8,5 - 35 mm

  • Macro focusing

  • Split Image Focusing

  • TTL reflex viewing

  • Auto / Manual Zoom

  • Frame rates: 9,18,36 + single frame

  • Shutter degree: 220

  • Manual / Auto Exposure

  • Film speeds: 40, 160 ISO only

  • Backlight Control

  • Flash contact

  • Fades

  • Remote control socket

  • Interval timer

  • No sound

  • Made in Japan

  • Manufacturer: Sankyo Seiki MFG Co


Whats in the bag;

  • Camera

  • Lens 8.5-35mm (fixed)

  • 4 x Spare batteries

  • Manual

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