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London Camera Hire

Why not record your next build or project?  Great for your clients, portfolio & wesbite

Whether your next project is 1 day, a short 5-week build or the beginning of a two year project - maybe think about filming it? This is great to show clients of your work and becomes a very impressive video for your website and future clients. 

We can provide all levels of service from camera hire only, through to a full corporate short film. 

Please contact us to discuss how we could help you with your next project.  

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Time-lapse Camera hire only 

At DV Camera Hire we offer a wide range of timelapse services.  If you'd prefer to manage the cameras yourself, we have a small range of cameras suitable for the technically minded client!

There are various options that we can suggest, all depending on whether your camera is indoors or outdoors and if power is available.  We have various clamps and mounting units to suit most situations.  


Whether you need one camera of 20 - we can help with your hire requirements for timelapse.  If your project is 1 day or 700 days - again we can advise on the best kit to use.  

  • Small cameras - battery operated up to 6 weeks

  • 1080p HD or 4K resolution

  • Full remote monitored cameras

  • Multiple cameras around your site

  • Easy to use cameras

Camera hire and fully serviced Timelapse service  

If your project cannot be taken on by you, we are more than happy to advise, install and maintain the timelapse cameras. We have worked all around the world on timelapse project.s 

Your project does not have to be a build, it could be an art installation or a design project.  We can discuss all the best solutions for your project - which camera to use, where to mount it and also look after the cameras throughout your project. 

At the end, we can make you a small video - removing all the 'dead' days or hours and the night time shots etc.  If you want a 30second video or a 3-minute video we can edit this accordingly.  

  • We visit your site for an initial recce

  • Discuss the best cameras for your project

  • Suggest the best positions

  • Look at the instal of power if needed

  • Monitor cameras throughout the term

  • Change power and memory cards if required

  • Edit the final footage into a sequence 

We can make a full corporate video from start to finish

We can film your project right from the initial clearance of your site or start of your build or project.  

We can film interviews with key project people such as developers, architects, designers, etc. go back over historic data and create a unique film to your project. 

Let us know what you'd like and we'll see how we can turn it into a reality! 

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