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Video tape 

transfer service

London Camera Hire

Domestic Video Tape and Film Transfers

We are located in Soho London and offer a full transfer service for both professional and domestic clients.
Below you will see some of the services we offer for domestic film and tapes to be transferred to DVD or any file format.  Please contact us if you have a few tapes of a box of old film sitting in your loft! Remember tape and film deteriorate over time, so transfer them to a digital format before these 

Super 8mm Cine Film - transferred to DVD or file

Transfer Super 8mm cine film 1.png
All old cine film is digitally scanned frame by frame

Super 8mm film can be professionally scanned frame by frame into any file format or DVD.

Each reel of film is cleaned prior to scanning and then transferred on professional telecine machines. 

Prices start from just £12 per reel

Please see our
important process how
we handle your
tapes during COVID-19
to proteCT you and
our staff 

50ft reels from £12   |  200ft reels from £25   |   400ft reels from £40

All Video tapes transferred to any file format

Video types to transfer to dvd.jpg
We can transfer any format into a digital file.  If you want it burnt to DVD or a file we can send it to you via WeTransfer or copy it to a hard drive.  

From £10 per tape

Slides, Memory cards, Audio Cassettes & Records all transferred

We can copy all your old video tapes, professional and domestic to any file format. 

We can transfer just one tape or your entire library of old format video tapes. Our tape archiving service is fast and very cost effective. We can encode your video tapes and then upload them to the cloud or to hard drives. 

From £10

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