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London Camera Hire


We stock an umber of old video cameras to hire. Some are workings so will give you that 70,80,90's feel and some do not work allowing you to use them as props!

We hold many types of old video cameras to hire - 70,80,90's camcorders all available to rent. We have working cameras for that old 1980's VHS look and cameras that do not work, but just look the part! We supply films with old stills cameras, old video cameras and monitors for props. Whether you need x30 SLR cameras dating back to the 1970's or an old ENG video camera from the 1980's we may have one in stock - so please do email us and let us know your requirement for your next film or production. 

  • We hire old cine Super 8mm cameras, 16mm film cameras

  • We hire old VHS camcorders, Video 8mm cameras, Mini DV cameras, VHS c Camcorders

  • We hire Nikon, Canon Pentax, Minolta 35mm cameras 

  • Old Broadcast TV news camera

  • We rent old working and non-working monitors and TV's from 1940's > 

Rent old cameras for props. Film and TV camera prop hire.


Looking to hire a news camera for your film or TV production? We offer a selection of vintage and modern news cameras for prop hire. Whether you need a functional or non-functional camera, we have a range of options to choose from. Just let us know the desired era and we will do our best to match a camera to that time period.

Contact us today to learn more about our news camera hire options.

Hire old TV reporters shoulder mouted news camera
Hire old TV reporters shoulder mouted news camera
Rent Vintage Old Video TV news camera
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