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Hire background and backdrop frames. With chromakey or coloured rolled paper backdrops. Hire with lights or without. London delivery and UK delivery 

Backdrop frame hire

At DV Camera hire we hire backgrounds/backdrops for both video shoots and photographic studio shoots. We can hire you a frame only to use your own background materials or we can supply it with background wrinkle resistant photographic paper. Cloth backdrops are available but we do not recommend them.


We can supply seamless wrinkle resistant photography background paper / photographic studio backdrop in a full range of 50 colours on a 180gsm roll. We have narrow width rolls (1.3m), ideal for close-up work such as portrait shoots and head & shoulder shoots. The next size up is 2.08m rolls that are made conveniently to fit into most cars and taxi’s! The larger one is just under 3m  - 2.75m.  These backdrops are available to hire on their own, with background paper or cloth or a complete kit including lights.  Contact us today for further information on our backdrop/background shooting kits.  

Background frame/stand only to hire

Background backdrop rail hire
Hire background rails only

Hire a background frame only. This package is easy to assemble consisting of just two tripod style stands and one main adjustable top pole. It can expand to 3m in width.


Comes in a neat 1m case easy to travel and store. This background frame can be assembled in just a few minutes.  Easily hang your own cloth or rolled paper from the top pole. The strong main pole can be adjust to 3 different width to accommodate different sizes of rolls or available space.


Hire this background frame only or choose one of the packages below completed with backgrounds and lights.

1 Day Hire • £45 | Weekend • £60  | 7 Day Hire • £90 plus 20% VAT

Background & frame with rolled photographic paper to hire

Hire backdrop rails and background photographic paper

Hire a background frame plus a choice of basic background colour photographic roll.  Choose from a chromakey colour or a black background or polar white background.  You can hire these frames with cloth backgrounds also - but we recommend rolls of professional photographic rolls.

If you want to choose your exact colour - see below as we can order any colour for you

Chromakey background hire

1 Day Hire • £65 | Weekend • £95  | 7 Day Hire • £195 plus 20% VAT 

Background frame with photographic paper & lights to hire

Hire backdrop rails and background photographic paper

Hire a full kit including background frame, backdrop photographic roll and a set of 2 softbox lights.  This kit is very easy to setup within minutes. Simply open the backdrop stands, place the roll pole on the top, slide on the photographic paper and then set up the 2 lights. These kits are made to be easily portable and can fit into some very tight spaces!  

Hire backdrop lighting kit
Hire backdro frames

1 Day Hire • £95 | Weekend • £135 | 7 Day Hire • £280 plus 20% VAT 

Seamless & wrinkle resistant photographic paper to hire

Hire background backdrops
Hire backdrop coloured paper and drapes
Hire seamless & wrinkle resistant background photographic paper rolls

You can choose almost any colour of backdrop to use on your video or photographic shoot. Simply look at the colour chart opposite and let us know which one you’d like to hire - if its not in stock, there is an extra charge for a special order.  


You can hire different width of photographic rolls. The widths can be: 1.3m  |  2.08m  |2.75m and the length is a standard 11m.  


Please note the 2.08m length is perfect size to fit in a standard car.  We also can supply graduated backgrounds as well in certain widths and colours.

1 Day Hire • from £65 plus 20% VAT 

Cubelite from Lastolite available to hire

Hire Lightbox fo product shots
Hire great portable studios in most sizes from small portable studios to large walk-in studios

We have a range of the Cubelite portable studios for hire. Use the small ones to take perfect item and pack-shots right up to a walk-in size for full size shots!  Really easy to set-up - they simply pop-up in a few seconds and ready to use. Place lights outside of the cubes to give perfect even lighting all around.  


Perfect for small spaces and quick shoots - and allowing the photographer (professional or amateur) to get a professionally lit shot every time. Contacts us to discuss which size is best for you.  Available with and without lights.

1 Day Hire • from £35 plus 20% VAT 

360 product turntable to hire

Product turnatable hire.png
Hire a 10inch motorised product turntable

A simply but vert effective product turntable.  Powered by mains supply, white and contains a strong motor to be able to rotate quite heavy products.  One speed. Clockwise and anti-clockwise turning.  Simply plug in and switch on.  Super smooth motor so video work on macro will be super smooth and not jerky like some cheap models. 

Hire this turntable with lights and a lightbox to film all your products. 

1 Day Hire • from £35 plus 20% VAT 

Collapsible Chromakey Frame Backdrop 

Chromakey Hire Portable background 1.jpg
Chromakey Hire Portable background 3.jpg
Green Screen Background Collapsible Chromakey with Auto-Locking Frame Adjustable Green Backdrop for Photo or  Video

Hire this portable and very simple to use backdrop chromakey collapsible frame. Simply grab the handle, release the catch and pull up to your desired height.  Standing up to 6.5ft tall and 4ft wide, this is perfect for those quick and simple head and shoulder chromakey shots.  Folds down into a 4ft long carry holdall weighing just 7.5kg


1 Day Hire • from £40 plus 20% VAT 

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