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Hire Paparazzi & News Cameras

Paparazzi Press Cameras with flashguns and long lenses.


Hire Paparazzi cameras
Rent reporters cameras with long lenses
Hire Paparazzi Cameras with flashgun and long lenses
News reporters cameras to hire

We specialise in providing paparazzi cameras for hire with long lenses for props on film sets and TV dramas. Our cameras are perfect for creating realistic press and paparazzi scenes and have been used in a wide range of productions over the years. Our clients include some of the top films and drama series in the industry, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our equipment and the level of service we provide. Whether you're a major film studio or an independent production company, we rent cameras and expertise you need to make your press scenes look and feel authentic.

In addition to renting cameras, we also offer on-set assistance to help your film extras use the equipment properly and realistically for any scene. Our team of experts are familiar with the cameras we provide and can work with your extras to make sure they are able to use the equipment to create the desired effect. Whether you need help setting up a shot, adjusting the camera settings, or guiding extras through the process of capturing the perfect shot, we are here to help. Our goal is to provide a seamless and professional service that helps you bring your vision to life and achieve the best possible results for your film or TV production.

Large ENG TV news cameras 

We are a leading provider of rental news cameras and props for professional film, TV, and drama series productions. Our inventory includes a wide range of old and vintage TV press ENG cameras that can be used as authentic TV props or for actual filming. Our cameras are in great condition, ensuring that your on-set scenes look the very best. We have provided news cameras and props to some of the top films and TV series in the industry. Whether you're looking to enhance your production or simply need help with camera usage, we can provide on-set support to ensure that your extras are using the camera in the most realistic way possible. If you're not sure which camera is best for your production, let us know the era or look you require and we will do our best to suggest which camera will be best for your production. Browse our selection of rental news cameras and contact us to book your rental today.

Boom microphones
Reporter mics
Small video journalist cameras to hire 
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