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London Camera Hire


We sell Super 8mm film 
We can process your film

We stock an umber of old video cameras to hire. Some are workings so will give you that 70,80,90's feel and some do not work allowing you to use them as props!

Looking to hire a Super 8mm cine camera for your film or video production? We offer a selection of fully functional and non-functional cameras for rental. Just let us know the desired era and we will do our best to match a camera to that time period.

In addition to camera rental, we also sell Super 8mm film stock and offer a film developing service. Once you've shot your film, we can process it and even transfer it to a digital file for editing. Among our selection of Super 8mm cameras is the high-quality Bauer Nizo, made in Germany with Schneider lenses and the option for macro and wide angle adapters. Contact us today to learn more about our Super 8mm camera rental options.


In addition to our traditional Super 8mm film developing service, which is done in Germany and takes about 2-3 weeks, we also offer a quicker London-based developing option. Contact us to discuss your Super 8mm rental needs, whether it's just hiring a camera as a prop, hiring a fully functional camera, or hiring a camera and utilizing our full processing service. We offer black and white and color film stock, and are one of the only companies in London to provide a full camera to file Super 8mm film processing service.


Some of our Super 8mm cameras have been used on high-profile projects such as music videos for Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris, Sam Smith, and Camila Cabello, as well as commercial campaigns for brands such as Lidl, John Lewis, JD, Burberry, Ballantine's Whiskey, Havana Club rum, Tommy Hilfiger, Volkswagen, GAP, AMEX, Spotify, ASOS, MTV, Charlotte Tilbury, H&M, Breitling, Nike, Net-a-Porter, Lewis Hamilton, Chelsea Football Club, Jurassic Park: Dominion, and the 2020 Sainsbury's Christmas commercial, David Beckham, and the Netflix show Black Mirror


We offer a range of services for Super 8mm film, including supplying film, renting out Super 8mm cine cameras, processing the film, and digitally transferring the footage.

Colour and B?W super 8mm film stock to buy
Super 8mm film camera rental
We hire Super 8mm cine
film cameras
Full Super 8mm cine developing service
Transfer cine film super 8mm to file format
We can transfer your cine film
Super 8mm cine film to buy

We sell Super 8mm film too.  Plus developing and transfer service to any file format

Rent old vintage cine film cameras - Super 8mm & Regular film cameras to hire. We have a large stock of old retro vintage style old film cameras to hire. Old 16mm and 8mm cine cameras are all available for your film production prop hire. 

Hire old cine Super 8mm camera
Rent Cine film camera
Vitage film camera hire
Old cine film camera to rent 1.jpg
Rent Cine film camera
Vitage film camera hire
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