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London Camera Hire


We hire working and non-working vintage and retro Televisions.  If you need a prop for your next pop promo, TV Series, Film or event just email us to let us know your requirements.  

We stock an umber of old video cameras to hire. Some are workings so will give you that 70,80,90's feel and some do not work allowing you to use them as props!

Rental 1940 Television
Hire 1940 Television
1940 VintageTelevision Rental
Hire Vintage Colour TV
1980s Hire Vintage Prop Television
Vintage Retro TV Rental
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Hire Prop Vintage Black and White TV
Old 1960's TV Prop hire
Hire Vintage Portable TV for Prop Hire
Rent Vintage Televison Set for Props
Hire old retro tv
Rent old vintage TV
Rent vintage old monitor TV hire
Rent Old television 1960's TV hire
Hire Vintage Television set
Hire Old fashion Television TV set


The invention of television has revolutionised the way we perceive and consume information, entertainment, and news. In the UK, the development of television technology has a rich history, with several notable inventions and contributions. One of the earliest milestones was the development of the cathode ray tube (CRT) by Karl Ferdinand Braun in 1897, which laid the foundation for television displays.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) played a significant role in the advancement of television in the UK. In 1926, John Logie Baird, a Scottish inventor, demonstrated the first working television system to the public. This marked a significant breakthrough as it became the world's first publicly displayed television transmission. Baird's system employed a mechanical scanning mechanism and was followed by further refinements, including the first transatlantic television transmission in 1928.

In the subsequent years, television technology rapidly progressed. In 1936, the BBC launched the world's first regular high-definition television service. This event marked the introduction of electronic television, which replaced the mechanically scanned systems. The development of electronic television was largely attributed to the work of Vladimir Zworykin and Philo Farnsworth.

Throughout the years, numerous British and international brands have made their mark on the UK television market. Some notable brands and their years of invention include:

1. Marconi-EMI (now known as Thorn EMI): This brand was responsible for manufacturing television sets in the UK. They produced their first television set in 1934.

2. Pye: Founded in 1896, Pye made significant contributions to the television industry. They introduced their first television set in 1937.

3. Bush: Established in 1932, Bush became a prominent manufacturer of television sets. They released their first television set in 1948.

4. Ferguson: Founded in 1946, Ferguson was known for its innovative television designs. They launched their first television set in 1951.

5. Sony: Although a Japanese brand, Sony made a significant impact in the UK television market. They introduced their first television set, the Sony Trinitron, in 1968.

6. Panasonic: Another Japanese brand that gained popularity in the UK, Panasonic introduced its first television set in 1960.

7. Philips: A Dutch company, Philips, played a significant role in the UK television market. They released their first television set in 1928 and continued to innovate throughout the years.

These brands and their inventions have collectively shaped the evolution of television technology in the UK, bringing entertainment and information into the homes of millions of people. From mechanical scanning to electronic systems, and from black and white to color displays, the television industry has come a long way, transforming the way we connect with the world around us.

Colour Working TV's
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