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Paparazzi Press cameras for hire

Welcome to DV Camera Hire, your go-to destination for Paparazzi press camera props. Whether you're working on a film, drama, or commercial, we've got you covered. Our extensive collection of news cameras, both video and stills, is perfect for capturing the essence of a news gathering, journalist interviews, or press events outside courtrooms. 

Looking for long-lens cameras with a working flashgun to achieve that authentic look? Look no further! Our specially modified cameras are designed for convenience and speed on set. Say goodbye to the hassle of camera cards, batteries, and settings adjustments. With our cameras, all you have to do is turn on the flash and press the button to start shooting.

Ready to bring your next Press scene to life? Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. We're here to ensure your production shines with professional camera equipment.

Dv Camera Hire, conveniently located in London, offers a wide range of camera rental options for professionals and individuals alike. We provide easy access to collect your chosen equipment, and our services extend nationwide delivery. Our extensive inventory includes top-quality cameras available for hire or rent, such as the Sony FX9, FX6, Sony A7s, Canon FS7, Canon XF705, XF405, and various other 4K cameras. Additionally, we offer affordable rentals for small camcorders, action GoPro cameras, DSLR options like the Sony A7s and Canon 5D mk3 and Mk4, as well as accompanying gear like LED lights, microphones (including radio mics, top mics, gun mics, and tabletop mics), gimbals, tripods, backdrops, vintage VHS and Mini DV cameras, and much more. Trust Dv Camera Hire for all your camera rental.

Professional Camera Rentals

At Dv Camera Hire, we specialise in offering a diverse selection of top-of-the-line professional video cameras available for hire. Our inventory includes a wide range of renowned brands and models, including Canon C300, XF305, XF405, and XF705, along with various 4K cameras suitable for both professional and domestic use. In addition to cameras, we also provide rental services for prime lenses, featuring esteemed options such as Sony G-masters, Samyang cines, and Canon Primes. Whether you require a single camera for a shoot or multiple cameras for corporate events or concerts, we have you covered. Trust us to meet your camera rental needs with our extensive collection of high-quality equipment.

Camcorder Hire

Experience the power of Sony camcorders and Canon 4K camcorders for your next event. Our small camcorder rentals are perfect for lower-budget shoots and corporate events, providing a high-quality solution at an affordable price. Capture stunning footage with ease by hiring our Sony camcorders or renting the impressive Canon 4K camcorder. From weddings to small music gigs, market research to corporate events, our easy-to-use cameras guarantee exceptional results. With minimal setup times and a range of options, including HD and 4K capabilities, we have the perfect camcorder rental to suit your needs. Elevate your event with professional-grade equipment - hire or rent today. Camcorder hire in London.

Vintage Camera Hire

At our company, we specialise in the unique and nostalgic experience of renting old vintage video cameras. With our extensive collection, we offer Digital Betacam, Beta SP, VHS, Mini DV, Digital 8mm, HDV, Sony PD150 camcorders, and even Super 8mm film cameras for hire. As one of the few rental companies in the UK specialising in this area, we possess the knowledge to assist you in selecting the perfect camera for your film, commercial, or drama production. Our cameras span several decades, some dating back 40 or even 50 years, all fully operational and ready to capture the authenticity of bygone eras.

In addition to camera rentals, we also provide the necessary tape and film stock, along with services such as video tape-to-digital file transfers and Super 8mm film development and scanning. If your next project requires an authentic scene from a specific era, speak to us about hiring the actual camera used during that time. Immerse yourself in the past and add a touch of genuine nostalgia to your film, commercial, drama, or pop promo. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of vintage camera rentals.

Camera Operators for hire

Looking to hire a skilled cameraman or a freelance camera operator? Look no further than DV Camera Hire! Our dedicated team of talented camera operators is ready to meet your specific needs. Whether it's camera equipment, lenses, lighting, or sound, we can tailor our services to ensure your production is a success.

Not only can we provide top-notch equipment, but we also offer on-set support to complement your existing camera team. With our reliable and experienced camera operators, each bringing their expertise to the table, you can trust us to capture every important moment with precision and creativity.

In addition to our cameramen, we also have skilled drone operators, gimbal operators, and assistants available to enhance your production. Give us a call today to discuss how we can contribute to the success of your project. Hire a camera operator from DV Camera Hire and elevate the quality of your production.

Super8mm Nizo 801 cameras for hire - purchase Super8mm film and Processing and scanning service

We specialise in providing an exceptional Super 8mm camera rental service. If you're in search of an authentic retro experience, look no further. We offer the iconic Nizo 801 cameras from the 1960s, meticulously serviced and maintained, ensuring top-notch performance for your commercial, film, pop promo or drama projects.

To complete the vintage feel, we offer a selection of Kodak Super 8mm film in both black and white and color. Our partnership with a leading developing and scanning company allows us to provide a comprehensive package. You can hire our Super 8mm cameras, purchase film, and have it processed and scanned to a digital file, all conveniently in one place.

Our unique service in the UK enables us to offer competitive deals that encompass every aspect of your Super 8mm project. Don't rely on post-production filters to achieve the retro look you desire. Instead, immerse yourself in the genuine experience of shooting with a Super 8mm film camera!

Take a step back in time and recreate the ambiance of the 1960s or 1970s by renting our Super 8mm camera, film, and processing package today. Capture moments that exude authenticity and charm, bringing your production to life.

iPhone 12,13 and 14's phones to hire

Looking to enhance your production or social media content? Look no further than our iPhone camera phone rental service. Our iPhones are equipped with cutting-edge technology, capturing stunning 4K video footage that's perfect for your creative endeavors. 

When you rent from us, you gain access to the latest iPhone models, complete with a range of accessories. Our iPhones come with the SmallRig metal frame, allowing you to attach additional lights, microphones, and even mount them on tripods for stability. 

To further elevate your filming experience, we offer a variety of accessories available for hire. Choose from our top LED ring lights, square LED lights, lapel wireless microphones, small microphones, handheld wireless microphones, tripods, battery power packs, and more. We provide everything you need to shoot with an iPhone easily and efficiently.

Contact us today to inquire about renting one, two, three, or more iPhones for your next project. Discover the convenience and versatility of shooting with our high-quality iPhone camera phones.

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